Mid-Level Frontend Developer

I am a frontend developer focused on the React ecosystem with 2-3 years of industry experience.

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I have worked on projects using technologies like JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS and REST APIs.


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Developed, enhanced all areas associated with front-end aspects of Mintago’s platform using ReactJS

Involved with design and optimisation of the platform, drafting and planning new projects from scratch

Replicated mobile app only feature on the web platform from scratch

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<aside> πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» Redux




Ever thought about writing a year-in-review or even reading other people's year-in-review to gain some insight and learn from their Wins and Loses?

That is RetroGram! RetroGram is a collection of people's year-in-review put together to learn from.

Led a team of 2 in drafting and building the project from scratch.

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